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Excellence Award ceremony for the children of EDA THESS employees

The established annual Excellence Award ceremony organised for the children of EDA THESS employees by the Unit of Human Resources in Thessaloniki and Thessaly took place in a festive and optimistic mood. 

The event was opened by the Manager of Human Resources, Mr. Mantis Adamantios, who congratulated all the children for the progress and effort they made over the last year. Mr. Mantis also emphasized the need to reward and acknowledge the unique effort made by each child, regardless of their final performance. Afterwards, the President of EDA THESS Employees’ Union, Mr. Patronis Georgios, took the floor and welcomed the Company’s initiative to reward the efforts of children and their families and praised everyone.

The General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Bakouras Leonidas, welcoming the children of the employees to the "family" of EDA THESS, underlined that after the arrival of the new shareholder, the company's vision to deliver sustainable value to people is further strengthened. He emphasized that the "future" of the world is in the hands of children, and for this reason, significant efforts must be taken both for the acquisition of knowledge and for the adoption of moral values, which will encompass the vision for a sustainable world. During his speech, the General Manager pointed out: "Despite the adverse conditions that prevailed, the Company managed to sustain its growth trajectory, turning challenges into opportunities. In the same way, everyone's personal struggle should be highly targeted and governed by stable values ​​that promote social welfare. Quoting the great Greek Philosopher, Socrates, he stated that failures should dictate persistence in the struggle while successes should not wear out those who enjoy them.

In this context, Mr. Bakouras emphasized that values ​​and principles such as integrity, impartiality and transparency govern the company's philosophy, guide its activities and decision-making processes while defining the standards related to corporate ethics and professional behavior. The General Manager pointed out: "We serve the values ​​of mutual respect, team spirit and value everyone's skills. We recognize collaboration as a fundamental element in building stable and enduring relationships, through which we achieve our corporate goals. We work to consistently create added value, envisioning sustainable development to meet the needs of future generations while respecting the environment and society”.

The award ceremony dedicated to the progress of high-achieving students but also to the overall effort of all the children was concluded gazing at the future with optimism and confidence. EDA THESS highly appreciates the value of its people, who are the cornerstone of its success.