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Implementation of strict precautionary measures at the Company premises

Control for the Alignment of the precautionary measures implementation was carried out by the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr Leonidas Bakouras, at EDA THESS’ premises regarding the limitation of new Coronavirus (Covid-19). In particular, he visited the Customer Service Office, visitor`s entrance and Protocol Office.

He noticed that public attendance is reduces while citizens are expressing their satisfaction with the quality of both the electronic and telephone services provided by EDA THESS.

At the same time, with the implementation of employees` remote work and the use of teleconferences, the number of employees who come to the corporate premises daily is also reduced.

Furthermore, he noted the strict application of the EODY (National Public Health Organization) protection instructions and the special measures implemented by EDA THESS` employees, while daily disinfection is carried out throughout the Company's premises.

As he stated, "EDA THESS, with increased readiness status, implements remote work, adapts to the circumstances and updates its operational plan for its business continuity. Thus, we ensure the uninterrupted and safe natural gas distribution while providing efficient services to consumers. At the same time, in consistency we integrate all precautionary measures throughout our activities and operations to protect employees and citizens”.

Precautionary measures of EDA THESS to protect employees and the public

EDA THESS has already taken precautionary measures aiming at the limitation of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the protection of employees and public health, announcing on time their implementation. More specifically:


  • A Special Precautionary Measures Team «CATENACCIO» and a Support Telephone Line have been established.
  • Travel restrictions have been imposed for destinations abroad and domestic travel is avoided.
  • General Precautionary Measures are strictly applied in accordance with National Public Health Organization instructions. Staff movements within buildings / between floors and between Company`s Areas of Responsibility are limited and special precautionary measures were also taken for the offices, reception and protocol services.
  • Participating or organizing meetings is avoided.
  • The limitation of EDA THESS’ operations has been decided by applying remote work policies.


*For the application of the above precautionary measures, Shareholders, BoD members, Company staff, Energy Regulatory Authority, Distribution Users, local entities, affiliates and the public have been informed.


Operation of Customer Service Offices:


Citizens are advised not to come to the Service Offices and be served through the following alternatives:


  • At for submission of documents, questions and / or requests (connection, supply, extension, disconnection, etc.)
  • At specifically for Vulnerable Groups are being served with priority, for submission of documents, questions and / or requests (connection, supply, extension, disconnection, etc.)
  • At  for information, submitting connection requests, registering metering readings, progress of construction works, electronic submission of studies
  • At the telephone lines 11150 or 2310584444 for submission of questions and / or requests (connection, supply, extension, disconnection, etc.)


In cases of Emergency in the Distribution Network, citizens can call at 10302, which operates on a continuous 24-hour basis.

The internal communication which was sent to the Company’s staff in relation to the precautionary measures taken by EDA THESS to limit the spread of Coronavirus.