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Interview of the General Manager, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras on

“In our 20 years of operation, 64% of the population in Thessaloniki and Thessaly has been engaged in energy transition, when in Europe it took 25 years for the 50% of the population to do so.”

This is what said the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras , speaking at the stand of OT at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

Commenting on the government’s announcements, Mr. Bakouras said: “The package that was announced and last year’s decision, the reduction of the tax rate on dividends, were positive for our company. We borrowed for new investments at a very low interest rate. Moreover, further improvement is expected, whether it concerns issues related to our staff or taxation. Tax cuts certainly attract large investments. We will invest 156 million euros in Thessaloniki and Thessaly. It is important that the framework be clear in order to make investments.”

Referring to the company’s plans for the development of networks in the context of the energy transition, Mr. Bakouras noted, among other things, that we must develop the networks and reduce the emissions  carbon dioxide. “In every five-year plan, we reduce by 50% the emissions of carbon dioxide in Thessaloniki and Thessaly”, he stressed.