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Onassis S.A., a can industry, joins EDA THESS’ natural gas distribution network

The Canning Factory "ONASSIS Mediterranean Delicacies", one of the leading Greek companies in the sector with strong export activity and a dynamic presence of 43 years in the domestic market is included in EDA THESS’ natural gas distribution network. In this context, a meeting was held at EDA THESS’ offices between the General Manager of the Company, Mr. L. Bakouras, the Manager of Natural Gas Market Development, Mr. M. Stergiopoulos, the President & C.E.O., Mr. Ch. Onassis and Company’s executives.

Most of the production of “ONASSIS Mediterranean Delicacies”, located in Sindos Industrial Park, is exported, while it is the most modern canning plant in Southern Europe, with technologically advanced equipment and innovative production methods. With the completion of the connection of the facilities to the distribution network, the company will meet the needs of the production activity by using natural gas, as its annual consumption reaches ~ 230,000 Nm3.

Mr. Onassis praised the important work carried out by EDA THESS, expanding its network to all areas of the License to meet the needs of more and more consumers. According to him, the connection of the unit to the gas distribution network will bring economic benefits and will offer flexibility to the company againist the competition. At the same time, it will strengthen the implementation of environmentally friendly practices with the ultimate  goal of sustainable development.

Concluding the meeting, Mr. Bakouras stated that in the areas of the EDA THESS’ License the lowest gas distribution tariff in Greece is applied, and one of the lowest in Europe. He added that natural gas is a means of economic recovery and stimulation of Greek industry, which contributes significantly to the shaping of GDP. EDA THESS, operating with private criteria, develops its network and supports both the pillars of the Greek economy and the upgrading of the local communities.