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Provision of services by EDA THESS to DEDA for the optimal operation of the distribution networks

The beginning of a stable cooperation between EDA THESS and DEDA is marked by the signing of the Service Level Agreement for the operation of the natural gas Distribution Network between the companies to optimize services that include the development, operation and maintenance of the natural gas Distribution Network in the networks managed by DEDA.

The Service Level Agreement (S.L.A.) signed by the administration of the two companies, aims to adopt common good practices resulting from the years of experience of EDA THESS for upgrading the levels of safety and reliability of natural gas infrastructure in the Greek region. The Agreement was approved by RAE’s Decision No 676/2020 and foresees the provision of services by        EDA THESS to DEDA in activities related to the operation, maintenance and development of the Natural Gas Distribution Network. In particular, services concerning:


1.  Network operation

2.  Regular network maintenance

3.  Emergency call center

4.  Emergency intervention & extraordinary network maintenance

5.  Construction works supervision

6.  Design and dimensioning of distribution network

7.  Customer service and new connections call center

8.  New connections

9.  Natural gas internal installations

10. Warehouse services

11. Drafting of corporate procedures, instructions, manuals and policies for the distribution network operation.


At the same time, DEDA will save significant resources, as this Agreement is the most advantageous for optimizing the operation of its networks. The above services will be provided in two phases. During the first phase, there will be an inspection and accurate recording of DEDA’s fixed assets, while in the second phase, the programmed services will be fully provided.


The General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras, noted that “EDA THESS expands its collaborations aiming at the evaluation and transmission of knowledge to created added value, always focusing on the Network’s safety. He also added that “EDA THESS believes in the cooperation of Distribution Companies, especially when the results benefit the society, the Company - the shareholders and also contribute to the development of the country’s economy”.

For his part, the C.E.O. of DEDA, Mr. Marios Tsakas said: “Our priority is to continuously upgrade services provided to consumers, the uninterrupted and safe natural gas supply, through strict standards and controls. DEDA’s agreement with EDA THESS is an important opportunity to explore new prospects for future cooperation, based on our common vision of reaching gas to as many citizens as possible safely and reliably”.