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State-of-the-art greenhouse with annual consumption of 1.800.000 Nm3 connected to EDA THESS distribution network

The Manager of the hydroponic cultivation greenhouse “AGRODER”, Mr. M. Drepanopoulos and the Production Manager, Mr. M. Vlachogiannis were welcomed by the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. L. Bakouras and the Manager of Natural Gas Market Development of Thessaly, Mrs. E. Kalogirou at the Company’s premises in Larissa. The occasion of the meeting was the connection of the Unit with the Distribution Network of EDA THESS for the needs of the production activity, which will be completed within the first quarter of 2021.

The state-of-the-art hydroponic tomato cultivation facilities apply strict environmental standards and are located in the Municipality of Kylerer, in the Region of Thessaly. As a method, the hydroponic cultivation is the most intensive and productive with multiple advantages. The introduction of natural gas in the production process offers innumerable benefits, as it is a fuel inextricably linked to the main pillar of the Greek economy, the rural development.

In agricultural activities, natural gas is used in plants such as aquaculture, tobacco dryers, fruit dryers and greenhouses. Its use for the heating of greenhouses enables the enrichment of the air with the carbon dioxide of the exhaust gases, which due to their purity are fearlessly channeled into the space. At the same time, high-efficiency electricity and heat cogeneration systems with natural gas combustion are used to generate and sell electricity, thus minimizing heating costs.

The total annual production of tomatoes is estimated to reach 450 tons, while the consumption of natural gas will reach ~ 1,800,000 Nm3 per year.