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The General Secretary of Ministry of Environment and Energy, Ms. Alexandra Sdoukou at EDA THESS’ offices

The General Secretary of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Ms. Alexandra Sdoukou, visited EDA THESS’ premises in Larissa, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "SAVING - AUTONOMY" co - organized by the Chamber of Larissa and the Prefecture of Thessaly, under the auspices of the Technical Chamber of Greece, Central and Western Thessaly.

The General Manager, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras, and the staff of EDA THESS, welcomed Ms. Sdoukou with her associates and a brief presentation of the Company’s successful strategic plan took place.

In particular, he referred to the approved 5-year investment program of € 145 million for the development of the distribution network in Thessaly and Thessaloniki. By the end of the year, investments will exceed € 35 million for 2020 and the targets for the supply of the new areas will have been fully achieved. In addition, Mr. L. Bakouras referred to the high rate of natural gas penetration in the areas of the License, which by 2024 will reach 74% of the population. The improvement of energy efficiency and saving of resources from the use of natural gas is coming true by EDA THESS, offering benefits to all categories of consumers. At the same time, competitive advantages are created for industries of high energy consumption, while their environmental footprint is reduced, resulting in sustainable development.

Ms. Sdoukou said that there are now interventions for the natural gas use that can be included in the Subsidy Program. This leads to the energy upgrade for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. She praised EDA THESS’ management for the steady upward course and the implementation of a large investment program to cover with natural gas all the areas in which the Company operates. She pointed out that the State’s objective to create a competitive market with low energy costs is completely in line with the goals set by the Company.

By implementing the ambitious Development Program, EDA THESS contributes to the country’s economic recovery and at the same time to the decarbonization of the national energy systems.