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Workshop on the optimization of services to end consumers

Significant were the benefits from the online workshop hosted by EDA THESS, in a situation full of remarkable challenges for the energy sector. All Supply Companies operating on the natural gas networks of Thessaloniki and Thessaly had been invited to the event. The main topics concerning the Supply Companies and EDA THESS were presented based on a common reference framework. The items of the agenda and the topics discussed covered the whole range of EDA THESS activities.

EDA THESS underlined that it observes the principles of Operational Independence and it fully complies with the regulatory and legislative framework. Regulatory issues have been analyzed along with the market development framework, the expansion to new areas and the safety of internal installations. At the same time, the attendants had the opportunity to elaborate on issues concerning access to the distribution network, allocation and pricing of the distributed natural gas quantities, as well as the digitalization of EDA THESS infrastructure and operations, especially telemetering platforms and information exchange with the Supply Companies.

During the discussion, participants addressed questions on the effective interoperability between the Operator and the Supply Companies that aims at optimizing the services provided to End Consumers.

The benefits from this fruitful workshop are going to be integrated in the context of ongoing digital transformation of EDA THESS, always in accordance with the effective legislative and regulatory framework and in the best interests of the equal treatment of Supply Companies and End Consumers.


The top, common priority of EDA THESS and the Supply Companies is to create added value for the benefit of End Consumers.