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3.5 million Nm3 are added to EDA THESS’ distribution network Signing of the "Hellenic Dairies SA" Connection Contract

3.5 million more volumes of natural gas will be distributed annually by EDA THESS with the connection of the largest dairy industry in Central Greece, "Hellenic Dairies SA", located in Trikala. The requirements of the production activity are particularly high since the company holds a leading position in the domestic market and abroad.

In this context, a meeting was held between Mr. Sarantis, CEO of Hellenic Dairies SA, Mr. Bakouras, General Manager of EDA THESS, and Ms. Kalogirou, Manager of Natural Gas Market Development in Thessaly, for the signing of the Industry’s Connection Contract to the distribution network.

With a significant presence in Europe and USA, "Hellenic Dairies SA" performs investments that bring environmental and energy benefits. The transition to the use of natural gas by the industrial facilities contributes to the goal of reducing energy costs and at the same time improving its environmental performance.

EDA THESS, by implementing a targeted strategy for the integration of energy intensive industries and the development of its distribution network, presented strong financial results during the eight month- period of 2020. Specifically, the Company's total revenue exceeded € 42.62 million and EBITDA reached € 31.45 million, increased by 3.41% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

The Company, despite the recession caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, implements without deviations the approved Development Program, contributing decisively to the country’s economic and sustainable recovery.