Meter Reading Recording


Dear Customer:

If your gas supply meter is installed in an inaccessible area (e.g. on an apartment balcony), EDA THESSALONIKI - THESSALIA enables you to take your gas meter readings yourself.
From now on you can provide your meter readings, based on your actual consumption.

It is noted that, in order to safeguard the proper recording of the natural gas consumption as well as the inspection and safety of installations, at least one on-site recording of your meter's reading every 12 months is deemed imperative.   

According to the Natural Gas Distribution Network Operation Code (OGG 487/B'/20.02.2017), our Company, being the Operator of the Natural Gas Distribution Network, may suspend the supply of natural gas, any time the free access of employees or authorized representatives to the relevant spaces - either to record consumption, to inspect the Internal and/or External Installation, or to carry out works that are necessary for the modification of the Delivery Point - is obstructed or denied. 


Easily, safely, quickly

To provide your meter readings, you may:

  • call 11151 or 2311256666 (charge based on the pricelist of the mobile and fixed telephony provider) if your property is in the area of Thessaloniki;

    call 11152 or  2411100000 (charge based on the pricelist of the mobile and fixed telephony provider) if your property is in the area of Thessalia, or

  • fill in the form below with required information.


    When should you provide the readings?

    Click here to see the intervals at which meters should be read. 

To use the application, you should know the interval for reading-taking, your TIN and the gas meter’s serial number.


Please enter the contractor's ΗΚΑΣΠ number as stated in the Connection Agreement.


Your supply number can be found on the Natural Gas Bill as well as on your meter with Serial Number S/N.


Enter only the white colored digits in the black frame of the Counter before the decimal point, without dot or comma as a separator of thousands, e.g. For indication 3.256,394 m 3 , the mark you need to fill is 3256. CLICK "Continue" AFTERWARDS.

If you receive a text message (SMS) for not getting an indication and / or a relevant alert after submitting this form, please ignore the message / notification content.