Press Releases & Announcements

EDA THESS: A new era begins with the arrival of Italgas

Article of EDA THESS to special edition for 2023

Excellence Award ceremony for the children of EDA THESS employees

The established annual Excellence Award ceremony organised for the children of EDA THESS employees by the Unit of Human Resources in Thessaloniki and Thessaly took place in a festive and optimistic mood.

Supplying Kastraki in the Municipality of Meteora – Region of Thessaly

In full consistency with its Development Program, EDA THESS supplied Kastraki of the Municipality of Meteora, which is located at the foot of the "sacred" rocky complex of Meteora and has been designated, together with the entire area of Meteora, as a Natural and Cultural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Depa Infrastructure (Italgas Group): completed the acquisition of the remaining 49% of EDA Thess

Athens, 19 December, 2022 - Depa Infrastructure, an Italgas Group company active in natural gas distribution in Greece, today completed the acquisition of the remaining 49% of Thessaloniki - Thessalia Gas Distribution S.A. (EDA Thess) held by Eni Plenitude.

EDA THESS remains on growth track - Interview of the General Manager, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras

Mr. Leonidas Bakouras, General Manager of the Natural Gas Distribution Company of Thessaloniki - Thessaly (EDA THESS), talks about the company's growth track despite the challenges of 2022, outlines the Company’s investment plan until 2026 and analyzes the role of natural gas and renewable gases in the energy transition.

Management of the Energy Crisis - Workshops of EDA THESS with Technical Associations and Supply Companies

With a view to further strengthening the effective cooperation and coordinated actions to cope with the energy crisis, EDA THESS organised workshops with the Technical Associations and Supply Companies (Distribution Users), to inform existing and potential consumers about the benefits of natural gas, the proper use of natural gas installations and the importance of EDA THESS infrastructure.

The strong presence of EDA THESS at the 86th TIF

EDA THESS had a strong presence at the 86th TIF in a time of multiple challenges, due to the high energy costs and the energy transition

Investments in Region of Thessaly serve as a catalyst for the growth of the area - A landmark connection contract of 17 M. Νm3 with “Hydranthos”

The agreement between EDA THESS and "Hydranthos" for the connection of the new Hydroponic Cultivation Greenhouse Unit to the distribution network of EDA THESS leads to a record high, increasing the distributed natural gas volumes by 17 million Nm3 annually. The strong investing activity in the Region of Thessaly serves as a catalyst not only for the growth of the broader area but also for the strengthening of the productive fabric of the whole country.

The grant payment in the context of the Grant Program for the replacement of oil heating systems with natural gas systems in Thessaly started on Monday 06/06/2022

The payment of the second instalment of the € 2.5 million Grant Program for the “Replacement of oil heating systems with natural gas systems” has begun. The Program is implemented in the framework of the NSRF 2014 - 2020 for the Region of Thessaly and the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) executive structure of the Ministry for the Environment and Energy with a total budget of € 6 million. EDA THESS is the implementing entity in charge of reviewing the applications, of the certification and the payment of the funding to the beneficiaries.

EDA THESS and the Municipality of Thessaloniki for the World Environment Day

The strategy of EDA THESS is founded on the balanced development of business and economic activity and the creation of measurable value for the society, based on the protection of the environment and the strengthening of the Company’s positive footprint in the areas of its License.