Press Releases & Announcements

EDA THESS: Milestone the connection contract of 16.5 Nm3 with “MEL” Industry The biggest connection contract for EDA THESS’ natural gas network

The agreement between EDA THESS and "MEL SA", a leading industry in Greece in the production of recycled cardboard, brings a historic high in the volumes of natural gas by 16.5 million Nm3 per year. EDA THESS, a pioneer in the energy sector with a multi-year upward course, acts as a catalyst in strengthening the country's economy and shaping developments in the natural gas market.

Natural gas stimulates industry and economic recovery EDA THESS – Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE)

The decisive role of natural gas in the development of the industrial sector, was the focus of the meeting that held between the President of the Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE), Mr. Athanasios Savvakis, the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras and executives of the Company.

3.5 million Nm3 are added to EDA THESS’ distribution network Signing of the "Hellenic Dairies SA" Connection Contract

3.5 million more volumes of natural gas will be distributed annually by EDA THESS with the connection of the largest dairy industry in Central Greece, "Hellenic Dairies SA", located in Trikala. The requirements of the production activity are particularly high since the company holds a leading position in the domestic market and abroad.

Onassis S.A., a can industry, joins EDA THESS’ natural gas distribution network

The Canning Factory "ONASSIS Mediterranean Delicacies", one of the leading Greek companies in the sector with strong export activity and a dynamic presence of 43 years in the domestic market is included in EDA THESS’ natural gas distribution network. In this context, a meeting was held at EDA THESS’ offices between the General Manager of the Company, Mr. L. Bakouras, the Manager of Natural Gas Market Development, Mr. M. Stergiopoulos, the President & C.E.O., Mr. Ch. Onassis and Company’s executives.

State-of-the-art greenhouse with annual consumption of 1.800.000 Nm3 connected to EDA THESS distribution network

The Manager of the hydroponic cultivation greenhouse “AGRODER”, Mr. M. Drepanopoulos and the Production Manager, Mr. M. Vlachogiannis were welcomed by the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. L. Bakouras and the Manager of Natural Gas Market Development of Thessaly, Mrs. E. Kalogirou at the Company’s premises in Larissa. The occasion of the meeting was the connection of the Unit with the Distribution Network of EDA THESS for the needs of the production activity, which will be completed within the first quarter of 2021.