Industrial Use


The penetration of natural gas in industry has made substantial progress in the past few years both in Thessaloniki and in Thessaly. This has been achieved mainly thanks to the efforts of the Company in terms of connection financing and its consistency in approaching and informing interested customers about the advantages of using natural gas.

Given the presence of major, energy-consuming industries within the area of responsibility of the Company, the company continues its efforts to connect new industries to natural gas, by offering additional incentives for connections, thus meeting the needs of the energy market and its customers.



The main uses of natural gas in the industrial sector are the following:

  • Coverage of thermal needs for all production processes

  • Co-generation of electricity and thermal energy

  • Coverage of cooling needs


Benefits of natural gas

The use of natural gas in industry relieves the customer of:

  • The need to maintain storage areas (tanks) and constantly order fuels, as it ensures continuous and uninterrupted supply

  • The need to preheat the fuel (energy-saving), allowing to drastically reduce maintenance of equipment (lack of ashes)

The customers who opt for an environmentally-friendly fuel, such as natural gas, significantly contribute to the fight against environmental pollution, while improving the company's image to society and the market. Furthermore, consumption is measured accurately from the meter readings, and bills are paid after consumption. The produced calorific value of natural gas is ensured by the Hellenic National Natural Gas Transmission System, and allows customers to plan their production process with actual data, thus helping achieve high levels of performance. The use of natural gas may have other additional benefits, depending on the applications in various industries and particularly when combined with the technologies of air conditioning and co-generation of electricity & heat.