Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

A key principle of corporate social responsibility is that society and enterprises are two intertwined entities, rather than two separate ones.

Adopting the above principle, the Company puts priority on respect and empathy towards the society, the people and the environment.

Therefore, it is our duty to maximise our positive impact as members of the Greek society, and minimise any negative effect, thus laying the groundwork for developing strong bonds.

In short, for us, corporate social responsibility means:

  • Respect for the market

  • Respect for people

  • Respect for the environment

    The following sections provide a list of the Corporate Social Responsibility Actions taken by the Company.

On 30/09/2023, the merger of the Distribution Network Operations EDA THESS and EDA ATTICA was completed with their absorption by the Distribution Network Operator DEDA, which becomes the universal successor of all rights, obligations and in general all legal relations of the absorbed Operators.