Our Values & Our People


The following values govern our company's philosophy, set the standards of our work ethics and help achieve our strategic goals:

  • Health and Safety
  • Equal Treatment of Distribution Users, Counterparties in Connection Contracts and End Customers
  • Focus on customers
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity, Impartiality & Transparency
  • Respect
  • Team spirit
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Code of Ethics

The Gas Distribution Company Thessaloniki – Thessalia S.A. has established the Code of Ethics, setting the values and principles of corporate deontology and professional conduct for EDA THESS management and employees.  The introduction of the Code of Ethics aims at ensuring compliance with law, regulations, regulatory provisions, ethical integrity and impartiality, which is a constant commitment and duty of all EDA THESS employees and characterizes the conduct of all its organizational structures.

Click here to see EDA THESS Code of Ethics.

Furthermore, the Gas Distribution Company Thessaloniki – Thessalia S.A. has established the Anti-Corruption Guidelines, in order to provide a systematic framework of reference and relevant rules. The Guidelines are based on the conduct principles described in the Code of Ethics and are designed to communicate the principles and rules to be met in order to ensure compliance with legislation in force.

EDA THESS has accessible channels of communication for the submission of any whistleblowing reports, concerning behaviors or omissions relevant to the Code of Ethics, the laws and the regulations. In case you wish to submit such a report, you can send it by e-mail at the address (anafores@edathess.gr) & (Tel. for reports 2310584180)


At EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A. we believe that our people are the generating source of our track record of success, and the most valuable asset for our further sustainable development.

Operating in an ever-changing environment, EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A. undertakes to develop the skills and competences of its human resources by constantly investing in training, maintaining a high level of expertise, and creating a working environment that fosters active participation in the achievement of the company's strategic goals.

At the same time, we aim at creating and ensuring a positive working environment that promotes the common vision and allows our people to draw satisfaction from their work and deliver the maximum of their creativity and productivity.

Employment Opportunities

EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A. looks for and chooses qualified candidates who have the knowledge and experience to actively help achieve the pursued objectives.

Our company applies merit-based hiring and selection procedures in a way that ensures the timely and effective fulfilment of recruitment needs.  We apply a policy of equal opportunities/equal treatment, receiving applications of candidates of any sex, age, marital status, religious or political beliefs, origin or working status.

Recruitment opportunities are open to all candidates and selection criteria are their knowledge, experience and skills in order to meet the requirements of the intended job.

CVs that are forwarded to EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A., as well as any other personal data that are provided by candidates responding to job openings at our Company, are collected and processed only by competent employees, in full compliance with the laws on the protection of personal data, undertaking not to disclose this data to third parties.

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