EDA THESSALONIKI -THESSALIA was established in 2017 and exercises its powers and duties as the Natural Gas Distribution Network Operator in the geographical areas of the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki and the Region of Thessaly, as specified in the Natural Gas Distribution (Gov. Gaz. B' 5922/31.12.2018) and the Natural Gas Distribution Network Operation Licenses (Gov. Gaz. Β' 5916/31.12.2018), provided for by the applicable Law.

More specifically, EDA THESS functions include the construction, maintenance, operation, management and, in general, the exploitation of the Natural Gas Distribution Network within the aforementioned geographical areas, as set out in the Natural Gas Distribution and the Natural Gas Distribution Network Operation Licenses.

DEPA Infrastructure Single-Member S.A. (Italgas Group) holds 100% of EDA THESS.

The Company operates in full compliance with the legal and regulatory framework, accomplishing all its duties based on Operational Independence. Its duties indicatively include safeguarding the reliability of the network, ensuring a technically impeccable and efficient network and complying with the technical specifications and operation and maintenance requirements, thus achieving high performance goals in the distribution activity.

Implementing a modern management model throughout a successful 20-year course of continuous and consistent presence, EDA THESS keeps a leading position in the energy sector of the country. Being a pioneer, it introduces the use of innovative technologies to optimize the provided services and invests in the modernization of the equipment and the infrastructure of the distribution network.

EDA THESS, is committed to increasing the penetration of natural gas in its areas of License, currently reaching 67% of the population, in order to contribute to the growth of businesses and the prosperity of local communities.

THESSALONIKI: 256 Monastiriou & 7 D. Glinou, Menemeni, 546 28, Tel.: 2310 584000-1-2-3-4, Fax: 2310 546365

THESSALY: 219 Farsalon, Larissa, 413 35, Tel.: 2410 582300, Fax: 2410 582323