Suppliers and External Partners


Suppliers and External Partners

EDA THESS concludes agreements with suppliers and external partners that display due professionalism and are committed to comply with the principles and provisions laid down in EDA’s Code of Ethics. EDA THESS fosters the establishment of long-term relationships, to ensure gradual improvement of performance, while at the same time protecting and encouraging compliance with the provisions laid down in the Code.

EDA’s suppliers and external associates are valuable partners for EDA’s successful business. There must be honesty, integrity, ethical conduct, impartiality and mutual respect in EDA’s relations with them. They are selected according to competitive criteria, based on their overall value, including quality, service, technology and price. The terms and conditions of their relationship with EDA THESS are made known to them early in the selection process and are agreed upon, or possibly amended, before commencement of the work. These terms and conditions cover EDA’s policies concerning the terms of payment, confidentiality, use of intellectual property, workers’ health, safety and work practices, as well as environmental requirements.

For any information, you can send an email to the Procurement Unit:

Code of Ethics of EDA THESS Suppliers - Italgas