Corporate Management System


The Integrated Management System

The Company has established, documented and maintains an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015, ISO 37001:2016, ISO 45001:2018 and EN ISO 50001:2018 International Standards, to implement the Health and Safety, Environment, Quality and Energy (HSEQE) Policy and the Policy against Corruption and Bribesand continually improves its effectiveness. In particular, the Company:

  • has identified the processes needed for the operation of the IMS and has defined the required inputs and the expected outputs of these processes
  • has determined the sequence and interaction of these processes
  • has set out and applies the criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the operation and control of these processes are effective
  • has determined and ensured the availability of resources necessary to support the operation and monitoring of these processes
  • assigns the responsibilities and authorities for these processes
  • identifies, analyses, assesses and establishes programmes to address threats and seize opportunities, in accordance with the requirements of the standards
  • evaluates processes and carries out the necessary revisions with a view to achieving the results sought
  • reviews, evaluates and revises the IMS, with the aim of continuous improvement.