Internal Installations


Internal installation 

‘Internal installation’ means all the piping, appliances, devices, manholes, structural elements, and other related fixtures from and after the delivery point up to the gas exhaust system.

Functioning and maintenance of the internal installation   

If installed in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Regulation, a gas installation will meet the requirements for functioning properly. The safety of a gas installation depends on proper functioning, proper handling, regular inspection and scheduled (preventive) maintenance.
Scheduled (preventive) maintenance and regular inspection must be carried out in accordance with the operating and maintenance schedule and the up-to-date gas installation file.
The inspection results and repair details must be recorded and kept available on the premises.
Existing installations may be modified only in conformity with the requirements laid down in the Regulation.
During the functioning of a gas installation, the operating conditions and other circumstances may affect its safety. Because consumers can only ‘inspect the installation’, please note the following information.

Inspecting the installation and carrying out maintenance tasks will allow consumers to:

  • promptly detect any changes that may affect the safety of the installation;

  • actively contribute towards environmental protection, as scheduled (preventive) maintenance of gas devices will ensure low pollutant emissions at all times;

  • cut down on the operating costs of gas devices due to the infrequent need for repair and its efficient operation.

    NB: The smell is added to natural gas for safety purposes, to allow people to sense any leakage immediately.

EDA THESSALONIKI - THESSALIA has the right to carry out inspections, to verify whether the maintenance requirements for internal natural gas installations are complied with. The inspections cover the entire internal installation, including gas devices and systems.
After every maintenance, repair or adjustment, the authorised technical installer must diligently, accurately and completely fill out and sign the maintenance logbook for boiler rooms, or the required re-inspection certificate for internal piping networks.  

EDA THESSALONIKI - THESSALIA has the right to carry out inspections on a gas installation at its own discretion. Consumers must facilitate the inspections carried out by the Gas Company.

Consumers must keep the gas installation file. The file should include the technical report and drawings, should be kept up-to-date with all subsequent changes (modifications or expansions) and should also include the inspection and maintenance certificates for the network and devices. The gas installation file must be available to the Gas Company.
Consumers must have the devices and pipes regularly maintained. An individual must be appointed as maintenance officer in the case of non-residential installations. The individual specified by law will serve as maintenance officer for residential installations. Maintenance, inspection and repair work must be carried out by properly licensed professional staff.