Extranet / Electronic Submission of studies


The Company would like to welcome you to the new online service for the submission and handling of the Internal Gas Installation File.

The Extranet, developed and implemented by the Company, is an online Service aiming at streamlining procedures, providing natural gas professionals with high quality services.

This pioneering online application covers the entire process of handling the gas file and informing professionals quickly and easily, thus saving time. The application includes the following options:

  • electronic submission and handling of all the documentation included in the natural gas file;

  • information on the progress and the current stage of the gas file, the internal installation inspection and activation schedule. 

    The requirements for accessing the service are the following:

    A. to request a username and password from the Gas Distribution Company;
    B.    to obtain a digital certificate for the user to ‘sign’ the digital files.

    To access the Extranet, an engineer and/or supervisor should apply to the Gas Distribution Company using the template delivered by the Internal Installations Sector.

    After the application is examined, the username and password for the Extranet are provided and the user is able to completely manage the internal gas installation file, in accordance with the Extranet user's manual.

    To upload and forward the files via the application, you need a Digital Signature  (replacing a handwritten signature according to Presidential Decree 150/2001), based on a qualified certificate and created by a secure signature creation device (SSCD).

For any clarification, you can contact:

- 2310 584 221 for Thessaloniki

- 2410 582 340 for Thessaly

- extranet@ena-on.gr