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Interview of Leonidas Bakouras: How EDA THESS achieves growth, reduction of tariffs and returns for shareholders

The main features of EDA THESS’ development program are the increased penetration of natural gas by the network’s expansion and the implementation of reduced tariffs for consumers combined with increased returns for the shareholders, as referred by the General Manager of the Company, Leonidas Bakouras, in his interview on energypress.

The Hellenic Canning Industry (ELBAK SA) is integrated into EDA THESS Distribution Network

The contract for the connection of the Canning Industry ELBAK SA with EDA THESS natural gas distribution network was signed on 05/03/21. Additional 2.300.000 Nm3 of natural gas will be annually distributed by EDA THESS, as the production activity demand of the industry is particularly high. According to its strategic planning, EDA THESS broadens the penetration of natural gas in even more industries of high energy demand, offering economic and environmental benefits.

New investments, but also reduction of tariffs

In the difficult conditions of the pandemic, the Gas Distribution Company of Thessaloniki - Thessaly, not only increased the figures of its balance sheet but also reduced burdens from businesses and households.

Inspection and assurance of the uninterrupted operation of the natural gas distribution network of EDA THESS in the Region of Thessaly

EDA THESS, following the occurrence of a 6.0R intensity earthquake centered 16 km southwest of Elassona, immediately increased the readiness of all its personnel in the wider area of the Region of Thessaly and carries out inspections throughout the natural gas distribution network. No problems in the distribution network and the supply of consumers have been identified by the inspections carried out so far.

Strong results of EDA THESS for 2020 - Increased profits by 3,2%

The results of EDA THESS for the fiscal year 2020, were approved by the BoD of the Company, following a decision taken at yesterday’s meeting.

Two more industries “KLIAFAS SA” and “MOKIAS G. & CO OE” are integrated into EDA THESS Distribution Network

The contracts of industries KLIAFAS SA & MOKIAS G. & CO OE with EDA THESS natural gas distribution network were signed in the area of Trikala region of Thessaly.

Supply of the new Modern and Innovative Aluminum Business Unit of EXALCO Company with Natural Gas

Exalco SA, one of the largest aluminum industries in Greece, seeks the continuous development and progress of the services provided.

Construction works to reinforce and upgrade EDA THESS gas distribution network in the Municipalities of Pylaia Chortiatis and Thermi in Thessaloniki

According to the approved Development Program 2021-2025 of EDA THESS, works for the reinforcement and upgrading of the distribution network are being implemented between Municipal communities of Thermi and Exohi.

Critical decline in gas distribution tariffs by 45% in Thessaloniki and 56% in Thessaly with innumerable benefits for industry / EDA THESS – Federation of Industries of Greece

EDA THESS premises in Thessaloniki were visited by the President of the Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE), Mr. Athanasios Savvakis where he was welcomed by the General Manager, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras and executives of the Company.

Large Investments by EDA THESS for the development of Natural Gas Market - Grant Program of € 6.12 mln.

Meeting was held between the new Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Konstantinos Skrekas and the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras focusing on the catalytic role of natural gas in shaping the energy landscape.

Innovation of EDA THESS - Distribution Users Access to the Electronic Metering Data Monitoring Platform of the Hourly Measured Delivery Points

EDA THESS, with the aim of continuously upgrading the services provided and in line with the provisions of the Metering Regulation, provides to each Distribution User operating in the Distribution Networks of the areas of its License, i.e. the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki and the Region of Thessaly, the possibility of remote access to the metering data of the Hourly Measured Delivery Points registered in its Customer Register.