Press Releases & Announcements

EDA THESS’ Ceremony for the 20 years of its presence in the Greek Market

EDA THESS sealed the 20 years of activity in the natural gas market in the regions of Thessaloniki and Thessaly in a special commemorative event held Thursday 11.04.19 in Thessaloniki and Larissa through live satellite streaming. In the presence of the General Manager of EDA THESS Mr. Leonidas Bakouras, the CEO of DEPA, Mr. Dimitrios Tzortzis, the Chairman of the BoD of EDA THESS, Mr. Venetios Bouras and members of the BoD of EDA THESS. On behalf of the shareholder ENI Gas e Luce, the greeting of the CEO Mr. Alberto Chiarini, was broadcasted. There was also a dynamic presence of the Company's employees in Thessaloniki and Larissa.

EDA THESS pioneer in the digital consumer update

The Company, providing equal access of information to consumers and always operating in accordance with the principles of transparency and equal treatment, is pioneering in the implementation of the new digital update application.

Entering EDA THESS’ natural gas network in the first half of 2019 - Municipality of Thermaikos: Agia Triada / Municipality of Thermi: Tagarades, Agia Paraskevi, Souroti, Vasilika

At a meeting with the Mayor of Thermaikos, Mr. Giannis Mavromatis, and then with the Mayor of Thermi, Mr. Theodoros Papadopoulos, EDA THESS informed about the expansion of the natural gas distribution network in the areas of the municipalities of Thermaikos and Thermi.

Visit of press representatives at the premises of EDA THESS

A visit of press representatives specialized in the energy sector was held on Monday 4/2/2019 at the Company's premises. During the meeting, the key operational figures of EDA THESS, issues related to the operation during the performance of its basic activity, as well as the main points of its investment plan, were presented.

Agia also enters EDA THESS’ natural gas network in the first half of 2019.

On Friday, January 18th 2019, a meeting was held in the City Hall of Agia between Mr. A. Gountaras, Mayor of Agia, Mr. L. Bakouras, General Manager of EDA THESS and EDA THESS’ executives.

Double daily distributed quantities of 4,9 mil. cubic meters of natural gas

In conditions of continuous frost and successive snowfall, which occurred in the Company’s License areas, with temperatures reaching -15 degrees Celsius, a historic record of distributed quantities reaching 4.9 mil. cubic meters (~55.370 MWh) of natural gas in a daily basis, was recorded, compared to normal daily consumption ranging in 2.5 mil. cubic meters (~28.250 MWh).

Chalastra gets gas supplied right on year-end

EDA THESS welcomes the New Year in absolute consistency to its 2018 schedule and plan for network expansion to new areas, with the supply of one more area, namely the Community of Chalashtra, Municipality of Delta.

Neo Rysio also joined the EDA THESS gas distribution network

Neo Rysio gas supply was inaugurated by EDA THESS, on Sunday 23.12.2018 at the Neo Rysio Community Hall Square, supported by the Municipality of Thermi and the respective Community.

Gas works are set to be launched in the town of Nea Anchialos.

In a climate of excellent cooperation, on Monday, December 17th 2018, a meeting was held between Mr. Achilleas Beos, Mayor of Volos and EDA THESS at the Town Hall of Nea Anchialos.

Thanks to EDA THESS, gas is currently available to highlands as well Elassona welcomed gas along with the first snow of the year

On the coldest night of this winter, Gas flame was symbolically lit up in the central square of Elassona during an event co-organized by EDA THESS and the Municipality of Elassona

A two-day Event for Natural Gas welcome

EDA THESS – Effective Planning and Consistency for the supply of 2 new areas, Koufalia in Thessaloniki and Kalampaka in Thessaly