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Compressors of Natural Gas (CNG) in EDA THESS’ Distribution Network


According to the provisions of the Distribution Network Operation Code (OGG B '1507 / 02.05.2018), EDA THESS is competent for the promotion of the Natural Gas use in the Areas of its License for the development of the Distribution Network.


Interested parties may submit the respected connection applications to EDA THESS, for the connection of gas compressors to the Distribution Network:

  • For the region of Thessaloniki:

256 Monastiriou & 7 D. Glinou Str.,PC 54628,  tel.: +30 2310 584152

  • For the region of Thessaly:

Larissa, 219 Farsalon Str., PC 41335 tel: +30 2410 582383


or at the e-mail address:


EDA THESS, as an Operator, receives applications for connection of natural gas compression installations to the Distribution Network, in accordance with Article 24 of the Distribution Network Operation Code (OGG B '1507 / 02.05.2018).