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Construction works for the integration of Sykourio in the Region of Thessaly to EDA THESS’ distribution network, commence on Wednesday 13/05/2020

The commencement of the construction works for the connection of Sykourio of the Municipality of Tempi to the natural gas distribution network was discussed on a meeting that was held in EDA THESS offices between the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras with the Mayor of Tempi, Mr. George Manolis and the Manager of the Natural Gas Market Development in Thessaly, Mrs. Efthymia Kalogirou. Works will be launched on Wednesday 13/05/2020 for the supply of the Municipal Community of Sykourio with natural gas.

The General Manager informed that despite the unfavorable situation of the coronavirus pandemic, EDA THESS adheres to its planning for the new areas’ connection to the distribution network. Municipal buildings of the area that can be supplied are 7, providing thus to the Municipality of Tempi the possibility of energy saving. According to Mr. Bakouras, investments that will be implemented by 2024 are expected to exceed € 1,18 million for network construction and new connections, in order to serve more and more consumers.

Mayor, Mr. Manolis, pointed out that the residents’ interest is quite impressive, and was informed that citizens are able to sign a connection contract in order to benefit from the use of natural gas. He expressed his satisfaction for EDA THESS consistency towards consumers and stated the municipality’s full support to the implementation of the Company’s investment program.