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EDA THESS: Strong Presence and rapid growth of Natural Gas in the Municipality of Farsala – Region of Thessaly

The General Manager, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras, referred to the impressive course of natural gas market in the Municipality of Farsala with the penetration index exceeds 33% of population, in a meeting that was held with the Mayor of Farsala, Mr. Iordanis Eskioglou and the Manager of the Natural Gas Market Development in Thessaly, Mrs. Efthymia Kalogirou.

During the meeting, the intense interest of citizens in the connection with the natural gas was discussed. The General Manager informed the attendees about the future investments, which will surpass € 1 million for the network’s development, resulting in doubling of the natural gas penetration index in the region, which will exceed 60% by 2024. He stressed that the operational readiness of EDA THESS and its smooth operation in any circumstances, guarantee the fulfillment of its commitments within the schedule it has set.

Distribution network is expected to expand in the area of Agios Georgios, where the 2nd Primary School will be supplied with natural gas. It is pointed out that the network’s development with all its expansions, is evaluated according to the approved Development Program and the applications of potential consumers.


The Mayor, Mr. Eskioglou, praised the excellent cooperation between EDA THESS and the municipal authority and mentioned that he is particularly pleased with natural gas penetration. The widening of its use is giving impetus to the development of local community, contributing to the prosperity of the region and the improvement of the environmental conditions. Both the Mayor and the competent Deputy Mayors expressed the full support of the local authority in the implementation of the Company’s investment program.