Central Heating


Central heating: nothing but benefits

Today, the use of natural gas in central heating is a significant solution for every household as it enables heating and hot water supply at the same time (subject to the presence of a boiler).

Conversion of the heating installation to use natural gas is easy and cost-effective. In compliance with the relevant regulations, you only need to replace the boiler; this is an easy and simple task that can take place even during winter months, without creating problems to the serviced apartments.

Regular refueling, nasty smells and space-saving for installing storage tanks are now history due to the constant supply of natural gas. There is no need to store fuel. Usage and handling become simpler, as consumers get immediate information on the consumed quantity of fuel.

The device conversion cost is lower than that of other alternative fuels, since it is only the boiler that needs to be replaced.

Furthermore, natural gas is more cost-effective compared to competitive forms of energy and boasts high energy efficiency and limited impact to the environment, due to its traceless and residue-free combustion that does not produce sulphur compounds - one of the major pollution factors.