Delivery Point Construction


The execution of the connection works depends on the requisite permissions of State Authorities, but also on the assignment to the Company of the necessary "rights of way" by the private owners of the property, in order to permit the installation of all individual components that are necessary for the construction and operation of the External Installation consumption.

The Company must complete the Connection and begin supply within a reasonable time after the Connection and Supply Contract has entered into force.

Specifically, it is mandatory that the new connection be completed within 60 calendar days of signing the connection contract, except in the following cases:

(a) where installation of a natural gas Reducing and Metering Station (GRM) is required, in which case the connection completion schedule will be agreed with the Customer,

b) where the Customer fails to pay the Connection or Expansion Fees, if these are payable in advance,

c) if the Customer is impeded in some way,

d) in the case of technical difficulties not due to the Company,

e) failure by the Customer to provide the necessary information to the Company and/or inability to gain access to the Customer's premises,

f) if, for reasons outside the Company's responsibility, installation of the External Installation or the supply would be dangerous,

g) if a different connection timetable is agreed between the Customer and the Company.

h) reasons of force majeure, as described in the provisions of the Distribution Network Operation Code.

The Customer who is to be connected to the distribution network, grants the Company, by loan-for-use, the necessary space for the installation of the pressure reduction station for his/her own uses and for any adjacent installations.

If the necessary authorizations are not granted to the Company for External Installation works, the Connection Fees paid for commencement of the supply of natural gas shall be returned to the Customer within 30 days of notification that the connection works cannot proceed.