Technical Visit Form


Any interested party, interested in connecting with the gas supply service must submit a request to the Customer Service Office in person or by telephone.
Within seven (7) days after receiving the relevant request, the Customer Service Office shall ensure that the interested party receives the following:

  • The current printed application form for preparation of the contract.

  • The Connection and Supply Fees invoice. 

  • A copy of the General Transaction Terms and Conditions, to which the draft Connection and Supply Contract which the Customer and the Company will issue, is attached.

    Within a reasonable time after receiving the completed application form for the contract from the interested party, the Customer Service Office will schedule an on-site technical inspection. If the interested party refuses to provide the Company with access to their premises so that the on-site inspection is conducted and ascertain the information necessary for the Connection, the Company will not process the Application further.

    Within twenty (21) days after receiving the application, and after the abovementioned technical inspection has been carried out, the Company shall inform the interested party, in written, whether their application is approved or rejected.

    Rejection of the application will be fully justified with an explanation based on any of the following grounds:

    a) the Interested Party does not ultimately agree to the Gas Connection Contract.

    b) the Connection or Expansion Fees where these are payable in advance, have not been paid.

    (c) the necessary information was not submitted to the Gas Distribution Company (EDA), or access to the Contracting Party’s premises was not possible.

    (d) for reasons beyond the responsibility of EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA, connection to the new Delivery Point or supply of Natural Gas is technically unfeasible or dangerous at the External Installation construction stage,

    (e) there are circumstances constituting force majeure, as detailed in the Service Provision Manual.

    In its reply rejecting an application, the Company will outline the procedure by which the Customer may request a reconsideration of their application. In any case, the application shall be kept on file by the Company for review in the future, when connection to the gas network becomes possible.